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Since 2015, I have been studying the different ways that God can bless us financially. I began by researching stories of people that had received supernatural provision, and that led to me to the story of George Muller. In the 1800s, he founded and maintained an orphanage in England simply by praying to God. He never asked anyone for money, and God met his needs every single time. There were periods where he had to wait before God came through with the money; and that made him stronger in his faith.

George Muller

That is so different than what most of us in the modern world expect – we want things to happen now. Maybe you got in to some financial trouble and you may lose your house or car due to being late in your payments. Or maybe you have been on a spending spree and have almost nothing in an emergency savings account.  Don’t worry I was there too, but with God’s help – offering me wisdom and opportunities to make money – I was able to become debt-free on February 2021. That’s when I paid off my car loan, and it was a little over a year after I had paid off my credit card balances.

One of the major changes in my life was transforming myself into a minimalist. Which means I was no longer pursuing material things, instead I started focusing on giving more money to my church, other ministries, and charities. Then that’s when miraculous things started happening in my finances and in my life. I developed a stronger bond with God and I felt as if I was in a heavenly realm here on earth. I also downsized and have lived in a studio apartment for six years. This allowed me to save even more money.

I remember relocating to my current city with hardly any money in the bank. Then within a month, the assistant manager job that I had relocated for was eliminated, leaving me unemployed and with bills to pay. For the first time in my life my bank account was overdrawn – the auto-pay for my car loan caused this to happen. I had tried to negotiate with the finance company but it was too late. I remember walking out of the bank after talking with the bank officer about my situation, but he could not reverse the car payment transaction. I walked out of the bank with my head down feeling defeated, and then I looked up at the sky and asked God why he was allowing this to happen to me.

Thankfully, my brother and other close friends came to my rescue by giving me over $2,000 to help me pay my rent and other bills. Later on, I would realize that I had to go through this experience in order to learn the financial lessons that God was going to teach me. And at the same time this will serve as a powerful testimony for many of you who are reading this and may be going through your own financial struggles.

I hope by reading my posts you too can live debt-free and continue to receive financial blessings for the rest of your life.

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