MasterClass with top Authors

About two weeks ago I subscribed to MasterClass with the sole intention of learning from my favorite author, James Patterson. I religiously watched at least two courses per day until I finally finished it. I am in the process of writing a thriller and I wanted to know how my favorite author wrote his novels. I heard about MasterClass from a friend who is a writer and she had just taken his course too. What I didn’t realize is that by subscribing to MasterClass I would also have access to other authors’ courses. Besides courses for writers, there are also cooking courses with top chefs, business courses, entrepreneurship, and even one that offers basketball tips.

James Patterson

For now, I’m sticking to the writers’ courses since I want to perfect my own writing. I am now enrolled in the course by Dan Brown where he teaches how to write a bestselling thriller, and this one is turning out to be more interesting than James Patterson’s.

Dan Brown

I plan to spend the summer of 2022 finishing writing and editing this first thriller, and then I will start on a shorter one. But I will also continue to watch as many writer courses on MasterClass by these renowned authors since my dream is to get traditionally published. And on my bucket list is to see my books on the bestseller shelves of Barnes and Noble and other bookstores throughout the world.

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