My newest eBook “Hunter Maker and The Most Holy Place”

This eBook was published November 17, 2022, exclusively on Amazon. It’s a beautiful story for children of all ages.

Hunter Maker is an exceptional young twelve-year-old boy who gets chosen to attend a special summer camp for distinguished young Christian artists. He has been creating amazing religious paintings ever since he was a toddler.
While at this camp, Hunter makes a special trip to Heaven, where he gets to see The Most Holy Place, where God lives, and more importantly, he gets to meet both God and Jesus Christ in person.

However, Satan will do anything to stop him from accomplishing his God-given assignments. He lures Hunter’s friend, Pedro, away from God and turns him into Hunter’s main rival.

The story is action-packed and offers many wonderful surprises. You will receive a full description of Heaven through Hunter’s eyes, and you will find out what God looks like.

This is a story like no other that has ever been told before. Kids of all ages will enjoy reading it over and over again.

Get it here now:

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