About me

Ruben Soto is a Financial Coach, Journalist, Author, and Blogger.

Ruben was certified as a Financial Coach upon completion of the “Financial Coach Master Training” course in April 2020. This is the prestigious course offered by Dave Ramsey, the most recognized financial expert in the United States.  

He is also a graduate of The Financial Freedom God’s Way course at Christian Financial Ministries. From 2016-2020 he was the Director of Social Media for this ministry.

Since 2015, Ruben has studied the different ways that God can bless us financially. He began his studies with the story of George Muller, and as this great servant of God established orphanages only using the power of prayer.  Ruben has read countless books on this subject and has seen his life change radically by applying these principles in his own life. Now he wants to share them with the rest of the world.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Barry University in Miami, Florida and also holds a Certificate in Television Journalism from the University of Miami.

Ruben was born in Cuba, but was raised in the United States. His father was a Methodist minister and his mother studied to be a missionary.

Ruben lives in San Antonio, Texas but considers Miami, Florida his second home.