My Financial Storm – Part 1

In my first post, I mentioned how I had lost my job just one month after having relocated to another city. This job had been offered to me by a couple who was vacationing in Miami where I was living, and they lived in San Antonio where I previously had lived and met them. I had known them for many years and we had originally met at church. They came to the United States leaving everything behind in their native country to pursue a better life. Since they didn’t know English, they had to initially settle for cleaning jobs at first, but they were able to save money to buy a small house. Eventually, they both learned English and the wife was offered a sales job by one of the ladies at church at the cleaning company where she worked. The wife excelled at sales and was later promoted to branch manager. During their vacation in Miami, I met them for lunch and it was when they suggested that I move back to San Antonio and become the assistant branch manager. I was going through a tough financial situation in Miami, since it is an expensive city to live in, and my paycheck wasn’t enough to cover my expenses. I told them I would pray about it and let them know. After a few days of praying about it I decided it was the ideal time to move back to San Antonio. They were already back in San Antonio and I called them to accept the offer. The salary was more than I was making at the time and I was ready for this new career path.

I would be moving back to familiar territory, and San Antonio was fast becoming a major metropolitan area. I was excited to be back living here and on learning about my new position with this cleaning company. Unfortunately, this turned out to be one of the most disappointing and eye-opening experiences in my life. I had never really had too much interaction with the wife at church, only with her husband. I thought that by the manner in which she acted in church, always raising her hands during worship and sharing her testimonies, and by our many years of friendship, that she would hold me in high esteem. I was wrong. Pardon the pun but she turned out to be “the wicked witch of the west”. On my first day at work, she told me she would only train me for one day and the rest I would have to learn on my own, because that’s the way she started her career with the company. From there on, it was all downhill. She even humiliated me in front of the owner, which was personally devastating after I had professionally introduced myself to him on my first day at work.

I felt a demonic presence whenever she was near me, and many of the staff didn’t respect her. One lady quit and threw the cleaning towels in her face. And I was thinking to myself: What part of all the sermons and Bible studies did she not pay attention to? How could she raise her hands during worship and share testimonies of how good God had been to her, and she was treating people this way?

Well, she called me into her office on the fourth week and told me I was not progressing as she expected me to, and she told me my position had been eliminated. I was in shock. How could she treat a “brother in Christ” like this who had known her for over 20 years, and who had shared meals with her and her husband and with other church members? I considered them like family. It took me many months to forgive her because I felt extremely humiliated by her actions toward me. And to top it off, when I shared this with the pastor of that church, he basically told me to forget it and to look for another job. Did I really feel “Christian love” throughout this experience? Absolutely not! I was flabbergasted. I also didn’t understand why God had allowed me to go through this.

Nevertheless, I started attending a megachurch since I didn’t want to mingle with anyone from that other church. I needed to strengthen my relationship with God and move on from this unfortunate incident.

But now looking back, I can see that the main reason for me moving back to San Antonio was because God had something even better planned for me. He just needed me to be back here, and the way he did it was by having that couple convince me to do so. As they say, God moves in mysterious ways and in this case, I can certainly say that he did.

I will continue with this story on my next post.